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As a young man I was drawn to Outlaw Country music and especially the "Man in Black" Johnny Cash. "Singer of Songs" was written for and recorded by Johnny Cash and played at his funeral. What an honor that Tim O'Connell asked me to record it too!

My Grandpa, Jim Akins and the family band, The Travelin' Texans, which included my Mama and Uncle Mike who provided the roots of my musical path. -- My Grandpa playing and singing for me are my earliest musical memories. His influence is reflected in my songs with the traditional style I bear. How I would love to sit on his front porch swing with him today and ask his advice on my latest creation.




Sundays at 7:00 p.m.

Thanks for giving my music a listen,
I genuinely appreciate it!. I write and record out of pure passion for the music, not seeking the spotlight, only your ears. Turn up the sound and let's escape back in time. - Daniel

"When you love somebody, you do unselfish acts.
You do things for them and you have no thought for your own well being." - Coach Mark Bowles

(Video by Matt Habern)


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My Mamma, Chef Connie and I!!

My mom is a superhero in my eyes. She put her four kids on top of her list while she was raising us while working two or three jobs a day to take care of us in our younger days, and, in her spare time she even taught me how to dance!!!

She is now recognized as a master of her craft, a Master Chef, and believe me when I say, THIS GIRL CAN COOK! One of the hardest things Iíve ever did was leaving home and the table she served us fantastic food on.

Check out her website, I guarantee you wonít be disappointed. You can find her online at:

Thanks Mamma. I love you with all my heart. -- Daniel